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Corfe Castle Image 'Sunbeams' by Gary Groucutt | Website copyright of The Dorset Paranormal Research Team 2018 | By David Goulden.


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 "All argument is against it; but all belief is for it"

Samuel Johnson on Ghosts.

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 "Courage is never to let your actions influence your fears"

Arthur Koestler.

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The latest news from The Dorset Paranormal Research Team...



We are presently working in an advisory capacity with the volunteers at Nothe Fort in Weymouth, having commenced the Winter 2017 season of working with and looking after event teams that visit the fort.


Paranormal researcher, David Goulden also hosted the 2015 'Halloween Suppers' events including two nights of great food, paranormal discussion and a Q&A session.


We look forward to continued involvement with the team for many years to come.    


Click here to visit the Nothe Fort website.

Nothe Fort, Weymouth | Advisory Work

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The Ancient Ram Inn, Gloucestershire | Research

Recently some of our team were invited to break the Dorset border and spend the night at The Ancient Ram Inn, Wotton-under-Edge in Gloucestershire.


Rightfully described as a national treasure it is the archetypal spooky crooked house with all of the appropriate fixtures and fittings, that over the years have helped generate a folklore of its own. A location worthy of a lot more than just the odd thrilling night out.


We feel it deserves more focused and rational study into the paranormal claims that continue to surround and enhance its legend.


Maybe a dedicated period of research by The Association for the Scientific Study of Anomalous Phenomena or The Society for Psychical Research would be worthwhile in the future.


Filming | With BBC South Today


Broadcast 27/10/17 at 6:30pm.

We were recently approached to feature in a news item about the realities of paranormal research for BBC South Today.


This was a great opportunity to show how different things are to the usual televisual preseption of what a paranormal research team does, which is normally the only insight that most people have, and does not always portray the field of paranormal research in the best light.


It was also important to quash some of the myths surrounding this field and also put across some interesting points, that generally might not be thought of.


For example...

We conduct as much research in daylight hours as we do overnight, overriding the myth that it is all "dead of midnight, by candlelight". Infact a lot of reports that we look into are due to experiences that people have had during the day, which in our work has proved more common. Sometimes it is not practical to work in a location during the day, but as much as we can, we do. We also only ever research a few places during an everage year, because we work closely with locations and those involved over long period, monitoring the environment, with and without people present before any kind of investigation takes place. This really lets us get to know a location, which often helps in our understanding of the environment and the accounts involved.

We don't hunt ghosts! We're not "Ghoshunters!" How is it plausible to hunt something that we don't know exists yet! Throughout the many years of dedicated work by some of the greatest thinkers that have ever lived, we are no closer to understanding what ghosts are, or if they have any resemblance to what we grow up thinking they are at all. The Society for Psychical Research, of whom we take our cues from still don't know what ghosts are and they've been, with some of the best names in parapsychology, attempting to figure this out since 1882.


What we do, is look at claims of the paranormal though a rational approach bearing in mind all of the above. We attempt to look for objective evidence to support a subjective claim or experience. People do see, smell, often hear and sense strange occurances that appear ghost like without a doubt, so from that point of view, these experiences are real to the individual or individuals concerned. However, they often don't add up to be conclusive evidence of an afterlife. When all evidence is gathered over a long period of time, we are often no closer to understanding their origin, which is the reality of paranormal research. Sometimes, we can offer an evidence based logical explanation, which in our experience is always greeted with positivity, as we are only able to quantify what we experience in a location and ulimately only be honest to our findings.    


Although due to time constraints this could only be a condensed view of how we work and our processes, we are grateful to Samantha Everett and her team at the BBC for this opportunity to reveal how we work in a more professional, online and television news piece.


The edited highlights can be seen here along with a follow up interview on BBC Radio Solent here.