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Corfe Castle Image 'Sunbeams' by Gary Groucutt | Website copyright of The Dorset Paranormal Research Team 2016 | By David Goulden.


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On behalf of David Goulden, Sian Lister, Sarah Larkin, Richard Moulsdale and Kate Moulsdale...


Welcome to the The Dorset Paranormal Research Team online.


Based in Thomas Hardy's Wessex, we are a non-profit making team focussed on the study of spontaneous anomalous phenomena and ghost research.




Investigation and field study into reports of unexplained occurrences and claims of the paranormal in Dorset, and further afield.


Theories and explanations that surround such claims, and looking into what are behind reports of alleged paranormal phenomena from an open minded, logical and unbiased point of view.


Advisory work with organisations that host paranormal events with public involvement, and media enquiries when interesting local cases come to light.


We do not use mediums or engage in spiritual practise.


As a team we do not believe that shocks and thrills will raise our profile but our honest, professional and ethical reputation will.

Peter Underwood | A Tribute (1923 - 2014)

On the 26th of November 2014, Broadcaster, Writer and Paranormal Researcher, Peter Underwood passed away.


Peter was president of the Ghost Club from 1962 to 1993, an honorary member and patron of many other organisations, as well as an authority on the famous Borley Rectory case and author of countless publications about ghosts and paranormal research.


The work of Peter Underwood has a special place in our library of research and reference books.





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New Book | Haunts of Bridport & West Bay

David Goulden is writing a new book about this magical corner of Dorset.


"I'm fascinated by buildings and locations that earn the title as 'being haunted'. What is it that gives these places of interest this branding? What is it about us? Why do we experience such strange phenomena?


These are the questions that have lead my work personally, and with 'The Dorset Paranormal Research Team' for many years"


If you live in the area and have a spooky account to share, or just want to find out more, email hauntsbook@gmail.com.  


Click here to follow @hauntsbook on Twitter, or here for the Facebook page.

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