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Drawn to Dorset by Claire Whiles 

Drawn to Dorset by Claire Whiles is nothing short of a masterpiece. This is one of the books that comes along every once in a while that you can see will be in everyone’s book collection for many years to come. It seems so easy to write that it has something for everyone, but it really has!

The book is a personal journey through Dorset and captures its landscape, its drama, and its wonder.

On this journey, the quintessential Dorset-lore is explored through the ancient history of Roman occupation and sites such as Knowlton Church and Henge. Notable figures as Thomas Hardy and the celebrated poet Rev. William Barnes have dedicated chapters; so great is their contribution to the history and literature of Dorset! 

Once all of this has been digested there are also pages dedicated to the ghosts of Dorset's past as well as the dwellings that they are reported to lurk, like the magical Wolfeton (Wolveton) house just outside of Dorchester. A location that we as a team have a particular fondness for.     

This book is thick with pages of intrigue all bound in a glossy cover. It is in every way beautiful!

Review by The Dorset Paranormal Research Team.

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