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Haunts of Bridport & West Bay 

Local paranormal researcher and broadcaster David Goulden is making his writing debut with a new book about the 'Haunts' of Bridport & West Bay.

David said: "I'm fascinated by locations that acquire the title of being haunted! What is it that gives these places of interest this title? What is it about us? Why do we experience such strange occurrences? These are the questions that have lead my research personally and with The Dorset Paranormal Research Team for many years".

The aim of this book is to bring together a number of interesting local accounts that have been re-researched with interesting new findings. There will also be a number of new accounts that have never before been published. It will be an essential read for summer visitors to the area as well as those that call this part of Dorset home.  

Follow @hauntsbook on Twitter here or email hauntsbook@gmail.com to share your experience and find out more about the progress of 'Haunts of Bridport & West Bay'.

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